At RHP, we offer a variety of options to help our clients achieve their goals. We believe that fitness can be met in multiple settings and that it is the client’s experience which comes first. Our main focus is personal training which is met in a one on one or in a small group (2-4 ppl) setting. Throughout the day, we offer a variety of classes such as group training as well as personal training for individualized needs.  Our programming for our group training varies from day to day and ensures that you are always preparing for new challenges. Each member upon signup with RHP is given a free 60 minute individual assessment where our coaches are then able to provide the proper plan to meet your goals.

Our desire is to better you with every session and to make certain there is a constant revival happening in your life. Whether your fitness journey has already kick started, or you are still waiting on the right time, we encourage you to let us guide you.